what we do


We offer alternative dispute resolution that is less formal, flexible in nature and tailored to individual situation/s and needs.  This process allows the potential for individual/s to be more involved in, while having a significant contribution to the outcome of the dispute.  


When various backgrounds and different work styles come togather in the workplace, conflict is almost inevitable.  We offer Workplace Conflict Management solutions that focus on building positive Organisational Culture through fairness, trust and mutual respect at all levels of the organisation.   We work with our clients to provide assistance, guidance and methods to deal with employee grievances and conflicts.  Almost all Workplace conflicts and disputes  can be resolved.


We offer Family Dispute Resolution through Family Mediation, where we fascilitate discussions on parenting issues and financial matters, after the breakdown of a union between individuals.  Providing a professional, respectful and peaceful environment for individuals to conduct, often difficult conversations through to resolution.


As a neutral, third-party we are here to offer guidance and practical advice through your entire divorce process, while assisting you to resolve family law matters without the often emotionally and financially stressful litigation process.  We help you to separate andyour life from your partner with the goal of causing as little stress, angst and uncertainty as possible.


We assist parents in creating Parenting Plans best suited to the individual circumstances of their families.  Parenting Plans generally focus on agreements about parental responsibilities after separation, for example where the child/ren will live, how the child/ren share their time between parents and how major decisions in regards to the children are made.


The Family Law Act requires that parents that are not in agreement about their child's parenting arrangements must attend mediation. They must also obtain a Certificate of Attendance (Section 60I Certificate) before an Application for a parenting Order, can be made to the court.  We are able to provide our clients with preliminary advice on how to obtain  this certificate.