Masters of our trade, we offer Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services for Individuals, Families and Organisations.

We specialise in Dispute Resolution within Culturally diverse backgrounds and Ethnic communities. 


Tijana Lalovic

Is a compassionate, Nationally Accredited Mediator, who works with Individuals and Organisations to resolve conflicts and disputes in a fair, just and reasonable manner.  As a neutral, third-party, she assists clients in negotiating mutually acceptable agreements and successful resolutions in a broad range of settings.

  Tijana is passionate about helping individuals and groups to define and realise their preferred outcomes, her mediation style focuses on negotiating agreements that benefit all parties.

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We offer alternative dispute resolution that is less formal, flexible in nature and tailored to individual situation/s and needs.  


We offer Workplace Conflict Management solutions that focus on building positive Organisational Culture through fairness, trust and mutual respect at all levels of the organisation.


We offer Family Dispute Resolution through Family Mediation, where we facilitate discussions on parenting issues and financial matters, after the breakdown of a union between individuals.